Designing Capitolis offices: Insights into workspace planning


  • The planning office: ROMBO
  • Photography: Yoav Peled
  • Project Architect:┬áJul Segev
  • Project Manager on behalf of the office: Adi Arlich
  • Contractor and on-site manager: Rafi Chiko.
  • Carpentry: Nano Furniture Ltd.
  • Furniture: Global Company / Peter Company / Peek App

When designing our workspace, we prioritize the employee, envisioning their daily experiences. Whether it’s the kitchen, the table, or the sofa, we imagine the product manager in a meeting room, the office manager organizing a Purim party, or the programmer immersed in a screen. But then they must rise from the desk, go to the kitchen to make coffee, participate in a weekend chat, or simply take a moment to solve a nagging issue.

This is how project architect, Jul Segev, describes the vision that stood before her and the rest of the team entrusted with designing the offices of the fintech company “Capitolis.” She adds: “All these situations constitute the company’s daily life, and we took all of this into account when approaching the planning and design of the offices. As a company at the forefront of fintech technology, it also leads in architectural innovation, with clean lines to reduce visual clutter, a monochromatic color palette with precise injections of color to create a contemporary space.”

(credit: Yoav Peled, Studio Peled)
(credit: Yoav Peled, Studio Peled)
(credit: Yoav Peled, Studio Peled)

Alongside the visual concept assembly in the office, much thought was invested in every function to maximize transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness, and of course, to create fertile ground for collaborations. One prominent element is the company’s need to provide a personal stance for each employee, to design a gathering space for the entire company, and also to plan an intimate and comfortable room for returning mothers.

The workspaces are spacious, filled with light, with a kitchen area and gathering space that caters to both large and small groups during lunchtime, and multiple informal meeting rooms and gathering places that allow one-on-one conversations.

The leading team on behalf of the company was involved at every stage and contributed significantly to the project’s uniqueness and the importance of placing the company’s team at the center, from building the design concept, formulating the plans, through the execution stages and finishing touches.

(credit: Yoav Peled, Studio Peled)
(credit: Yoav Peled, Studio Peled)
(credit: Yoav Peled, Studio Peled)

Capitolis, an Israeli unicorn, is a financial technology company that provides economic security along with dynamism and innovation in capital markets. Today, Capitolis works with over 100 of the world’s largest financial institutions.


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